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Professional production of packaging in the printing industry

When launching the production of any type of product, opening a small or large business, you need to think about how to properly show the product so that you want to buy it. They are greeted by clothes, which means that the manufacture of packaging will become one of the most important issues. Paper, cardboard, gift, elite boxes, products of any format, size and quality can be ordered at a full-cycle printing house. They create spectacular “clothes” for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, food and alcohol products, souvenirs, etc.

The circulation has no restrictions, it depends solely on the volume of the batch of the product that you plan to sell. The printing house provides the opportunity to choose ready-made designs or develop an original design for your products. Design-Print Ukraine carries out a full production cycle. It starts with design development and ends with the shipment of finished products to the client. All the nuances of production are thought out.

If you have design ideas or a design layout, it is enough to request a manufacturing calculation based on available samples. When planning to launch a new product on the market or update the packaging for a product that you have been working with for a long time, describe your wishes to the managers, and they will accept an individual order for the production of packaging. The technologist will give the necessary recommendations on the choice of material, specific solutions to bring your ideas to life. For inspiration, check out our custom packaging catalog.

Custom packaging options

The modern printing industry offers a wide range of materials for every need and taste. Choosing a suitable packaging production in Moscow, you can order:

  • Different types of cardboard, binding boxes.
  • Paper bags.
  • Folders and envelopes.

When preparing a design layout, the need to use copyright stamps is taken into account. If necessary, you can order the production of the desired stamp for a particular client.

When planning to order a batch, remember that there are several design options for products that you can focus on:


Paper bags


Peculiarities of packaging manufacturing

It is worth remembering the specialized requirements that apply to carton packaging, especially when it comes to containers for food products. Details of such orders can be discussed with the manager on an individual basis.

In addition, it is important to consider labeling requirements before setting a task for a designer.

If you wish, you can make your container unique. This is especially important when it comes to printing luxury or festive packaging. Post-press processing of finished products includes the following services:

  1. Lamination using soft-touch coating or lens;
  2. UV varnish application;
  3. foil stamping of any color shade;
  4. embossing or blinding, i.e. relief embossing.

At the request of the customer, you can combine processes or use a certain option separately. You can also split the lot to get the same size pack but different design.

Advantages of cooperation with a full cycle printing house

High-quality customer service is one of the main principles of Design-Print Ukraine. We provide professional recommendations and comments to make the product effective, practical and stay within the customer’s budget.

The technologist will help in choosing the material, explain the features and benefits of a particular coating in the design. 

Design-Print Ukraine works with regular orders and single orders. Planning to become a regular customer as an individual or legal entity. His task will include the calculation of the cost of providing services, consultations and full support (from the moment of acquaintance to the shipment of finished products).

Packaging is what creates the first impression of a product. Design-Print Ukraine will help to make your printing products of high quality and beautiful.

Do you want to become our client? Contact us, our managers are always happy for you!