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“There are three answers to the design result – yes, no and WOW! “Wow” is something to strive for. Milton Glaser

Design of printing and souvenir products of any complexity from Design-Print Ukraine

Printing design, or the design of printing products – a kind of graphic design whose task is to develop materials for printed products. Most often, the finished product is paper media.

If you don’t want your printing products, whether it be a business card, a brochure or a flyer, to be immediately sent to the trash bin, professional design is needed.

Indeed, products with a catchy design and thoughtful details can buth an ordinary person into your client. Who, having seen your design will stop his eye on it, will be interested in it.

Therefore, one of the main stages in the preparation of informational, advertising and image printed products is the design of printing. Printing design makes it possible to attract the attention of the target audience, sell products or services, highlight your product against competitors’ products.

If, however, the printing design is unsuccessful, then no matter how hard copywriters, marketers, writers or journalists try, all this will be in vain. That is, with careless design of printing or advertising products – no one wants to read it. Which will result in a budget waste.

Who is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is a specialist who works at Design-Print Ukraine printing house. You can turn to his services if you do not have your (finished) layout and apply for the development of printed materials from scratch.

If you have a finished layout of printing products the designer will match it with the adjust it and bring it into line with the technical requirements of Design-Print Ukraine printing house.

The printing designer will help you develop the corporate identity of the company, suggest you some ideas and will accompany you in the project.

Need a print design or turnkey implementation of your idea? Come!