High-quality printing is the key to successful
brand promotion

Printing products have a huge impact on the image of the company. It is exactly who creates the first impression of the brand, which forms the level of trust in it from consumers and business partners. High-quality printing is able to sell, advertise, attract attention, increase loyalty to the business. That is why it should be developed by professionals. The Design-Print Ukraine company is not just a printing house located nearby.

We are distinguished by:

  • the possibility of full support of the turnkey project – from creating layouts to post-press processing and delivery of finished materials to the client;
  • compliance with European quality standards for printed products, which is confirmed by a certificate;
  • wide production capabilities, allowing to carry out printing works of a high level of complexity;
  • efficiency of order fulfillment thanks to qualified personnel and the availability of professional high-performance equipment.

Design-Print Ukraine has 20 years of experience. As experts in our field, we continue to develop and improve. Today, our company has access to the production of all types of printing products using modern high-performance equipment from well-known brands (Komori, Heidelberg, BOBST, Saturn, Xerox, Azura, etc.). Work processes are carried out by a staff of 71 employees. This allows us to produce printing in Moscow quickly and quality at the same time.

What is the value of good printing

The world has confidently stepped into the digital age, but the value of printed products is not decreasing. Books, newspapers and magazines have not disappeared from store shelves, and the world’s leading corporations cannot deny themselves the purchase of print advertising.

Printing helps:

  • create a favorable impression of the partner and the proposed product. Printing is a bright accent of the image, informing potential customers about the high standards of doing business and reflecting the quality of the services provided. Carefully thought-out and correctly produced promotional materials contribute to the formation of a reputation, increase the level of trust;
  • stand out from competitors. Personalization of brand products allows you to draw attention to your products among a large number of analogues, forming brand loyalty;
  • effectively convey the information presented in the promotional material. Printing can be in the field of view of a potential client for a long time and be regularly used by him.

It is dangerous to click on advertising links on the Internet due to the large number of scammers; many are afraid to open emails with promotional offers. But advertising on external media continues to be relevant and in demand.

Printing materials help to expand the consumer audience, increase customer loyalty, which ultimately leads to increased sales. Modern technologies significantly expand the possibilities of marketers. Now it is not at all necessary to be limited to the production of business cards with contact information or branded handouts. You can order the release of souvenirs, calendars, postcards and many other types of promotional materials.

Directions of polygraphy

Firms that have been in business for a long time know that reputation can be earned. That is why they do not spend money on low-quality printing, but immediately come to us. In Design-Print Ukraine you can get a full range of professional-level services that will help to implement design solutions on paper and other types of print bases.

Among our offers:

  • creation and approval of the layout;
  • offset, digital, silkscreen printing;
  • creation of branded packaging materials;
  • magazines and POS materials;
  • production of souvenirs.

We carry out the print of polygraphy of any required format and circulation. No matter how many copies of printed products you need – one piece or thousands, you can be sure of the high quality of each individual product and the most efficient execution of the order. Full-cycle printing house Design-Print Ukraine provides services to businesses of any size.

We will help not only to release large circulations of promotional materials, but also to bring to life a small project in the form of a portfolio. Careful 5-step quality control of work at each stage of the process allows us to always achieve the desired result. Customers can be completely confident in the timely production of high-quality promotional materials. 95% of our clients apply for printing services repeatedly.

Modern equipment, high-quality paints and bases allow us to achieve optimal results in the manufacture of products of the required formats. Thanks to this, we can guarantee accurate color reproduction and optimal detail.

The production is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. An experienced designer will help prepare the layout in such a way that the promoted product looks the most impressive.

We are certified to the standard

ISO 9001:2015

This standard is based on a number of quality management principles such as a strong customer focus, management motivation and involvement, a process approach and continuous improvement.

Integrated solutions for business

Are printing products required strictly on time? In such a situation, you need to find a designer in advance and agree on the cost of the project with the contractor. Or you can immediately tell about your plans to the employees of the printing industry Design-Print Ukraine. Our representative will develop a layout of the work, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the technical requirements of printing equipment for the quality of the layout.

An employee of the printing house will calculate the terms for the production of a certain type of product, taking into account real production capacities and customer requests. The designer will tell you how to implement all the key wishes without inflating the project budget. 

A full production cycle gives us independence from contractors and allows us to fulfill our obligations to customers in a timely manner.

We have several types of printing available:

  • offset. It is recommended, if necessary, to perform a large circulation of printed materials. This method practically does not limit the customer in the choice of colors and the possibility of using additional effects;
  • screen printing. Gives a wide space for the implementation of even non-standard marketing ideas. Screen printing allows you to apply full-color images on any type of surface;
  • digital. It is the optimal solution for small volume, trial or urgent printing. This technique is optimal for creating small format printing products (sizes up to A3).

If necessary, you can combine several printing methods. Then it will be possible to create unique marketing products.

Our customers do not need to know the intricacies of production. Experienced specialists will help to solve all emerging issues related to the preparation and production of information products.

Providing turnkey printing services, we will perform all the necessary post-printing processes. This will allow you to get a ready-to-use printing product. In addition to printing, you can order die-cutting, lamination, embossing, foiling, stitching and other types of post-press preparation. The ability to arrange the delivery of ready promotional products will eliminate the need to independently look for transport.

The cost of printing services in our company

We will not argue that Design-Print Ukraine makes it cheaper compared to the average prices for printing in Moscow. Also, we cannot say that we will do the work much more expensive. Each of our products is 100% worth the money invested in it. We do everything to optimize your investment in printing. We value our reputation, so we do not offer our customers low-quality, cheap printing, which pleases only at the stage of voicing the price.

Our technological experience and our own fleet of professional high-class equipment allow us to produce printed products of the European level.

The cost of issuing the necessary advertising products is determined on an individual basis, taking into account the list of services provided. The volume of printed products is also taken into account. Employees of our printing house are always on the side of the customer.

This helps reduce costs as we offer several cost optimization options:

For small circulations (up to 500 units):

  • the use of digital printing technology, which will make it possible to produce the required volume of marketing products in a short time;
  • compact grouping of several layouts on one sheet;
  • using fewer colors;
  • selection of the optimal method of post-printing processing of printing materials.

For large orders (more than 500 units):

  • using our own production line. This guarantees a high speed of work;
  • rational selection of services provided;
  • layout optimization and paper selection;
  • standardization of industrial processes;
  • well-established production algorithms for large runs.

If you need to save as much as possible without sacrificing product quality, you can order a combined print run. This method of printing in Moscow in Design-Print Ukraine involves the layout and simultaneous launch of the production of several types of products. Necessary conditions – compliance with color and use of paper of the same density.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Full-cycle printing house Design-Print Ukraine is a great opportunity to create unique marketing products that can highlight the strengths of your business and present its features in the best way.

Clients value us for:

  • implementation of an integrated approach to the production of printed materials of any complexity – from design development to delivery of ready products;
  • convenient location. The printing house is located in the center of the capital (not far from the Beresteyskaya metro station). Our production workshops are also located here;
  • understanding of values ​​and priorities. Experienced staff will do everything necessary to reduce the client’s costs for the production of printing. In addition to constructive technological solutions, we offer free development and layout adjustment;
  • a wide variety of ways to design print advertising, which allows you to implement even the most non-standard and creative ideas.

The buyers of our company’s printing services are not only large corporations, where a lot of marketing materials are required, but also private customers, for whom the quality of the product is extremely important. These are advertising firms and metropolitan printing houses.

Using the printing services of Design-Print Ukraine is convenient. Each of our clients is assigned a personal manager. He can be contacted for any questions. This approach allows us to quickly resolve any nuances and take into account the wishes of each of our counterparties as accurately as possible.

Do you want to become our client? Contact us, our managers are always glad to see you!