POS materials is an effective investment
in business development

Effective marketing is one that can influence the actions and choices of the consumer. Considering that everyday purchases are often made spontaneously, the opportunity to draw the attention of a potential customer to a particular product directly at the point of sale will be a powerful incentive to purchase it. POS materials will help to distinguish your brand among others. Abbreviation POS means “point of sale”. This includes all promotional products that are able to draw the attention of the buyer to a particular product or company. POS materials can be placed both inside the outlet and near it. To do this, promotional products must be properly prepared (made of sufficiently dense materials and protected from moisture).

What is the effect of using POS materials

POS-materials are advertising that is perceived the best. The buyer comes to the store or cafe with the need to buy something – the marketer only helps to make the right choice by:

  • selection of a certain product among analogues;
  • informing about the best price or special offer;
  • impact on emotions;
  • demonstrate the benefits of a particular product.

POSMs can self-sell. It is enough to place the necessary information, choosing the right format and place for it. For example, a booth at a cafe with a great price offer for coffee is an easy and inexpensive way to attract more customers. Without such advertising, only those who already planned to purchase it will find out about the low cost of the product, since they have already entered your establishment. A bright wobbler with a discount in the store will help you make a choice in favor of a promotional product. POS materials will also help out if your product, for some reason, does not occupy the most advantageous shelves in the store. Highlighting it with the help of advertising, you can make the product much more visible in the window.

An important advantage of using POS materials is that they can be easily moved and replaced. Their installation and cleaning will require a minimum amount of time and physical effort. Many of these promotional products are used repeatedly. For example, advertising sweets by March 8 can be repeated annually. It takes a little time to produce POS-materials, which allows you to quickly prepare for a new advertising campaign or launch a marketing project. If necessary, such promotion can be easily scaled up.

The most popular types of POS materials

Depending on the location, POS materials differ in size and design.
There is a large selection of promotional products, the manufacture of which can be ordered from Design-Print Ukraine:

Flyers, leaflets, booklets 

Are a way to attract the maximum number of people to purchase a particular product or participate in an event. The large format of such POS materials allows you to fill the space on printed products with the maximum amount of information and demonstrate the benefits of the product for the client.

This small flyer is often made in bright colors and in a style that best matches the theme of the upcoming event.

Flyers are compiled in such a way that it is your offer that attracts the attention and interest of the potential audience. The emphasis is on benefits and competitive advantages, the flyer itself is not overloaded with text and contains images that attract attention.

The peculiarity of this printed product and its value for customers lies in the fact that the flyer is often a pass to an event or gives an opportunity to get a discount on a product or service.


Are bright elements of various designs, attached to the trading shelf with a long flexible leg. Their mobility is able to attract the attention of a person who is just passing by, and make him stop in the right place. Required to highlight a particular product or unique value proposition.

Freedom in choosing a design solution is an important advantage of this type of printing, which contributes to the optimal fulfillment of its task – to attract the attention of the buyer right at the moment of choosing a product.

In addition, wobblers, being constantly in sight and standing out with brightness, form the memorization and subsequent recognition of the product.

Labels and company price tags

Focus on the product due to its brightness and information content. Serves for marking and accounting of goods, informs the buyer of the main characteristics of the product.

The density of paper or cardboard from which price tags are made may vary. This, in turn, affects the degree of presentability of the finished product.

Quality, attractiveness, informational content of the price tag, ease of reading it – these factors determine the first impression of a potential buyer from this type of POS-materials and, as a result, sales success.

Shelf talker and shelf stopper

These materials are designed in the form of a panel on which an advertising image or information is applied.

It has a bright color scheme and serves to capture the attention of a potential buyer and encourage them to purchase the product. On shelftalkers can be placed: the name of the product and brand, logo, price, discount, advertising slogan, consumer properties of the product.

Necker (neckhanger)

POS materials that are attached to the neck of the bottle. It can be a small booklet, a price tag or a label with a company logo.

A neck-hanger price tag will be the simplest label with a company logo, a price window and some additional information.

Neckers in the form of mini-booklets in their functions and appearance are no different from ordinary booklets, except for the size. Books, on the other hand, act as full-fledged catalogs of goods of a certain brand.

These POS-materials of the printing house are mainly used in advertising of drinks and cosmetics.

Key requirements for POS materials

High-quality POS materials encourage purchase and increase consumer brand loyalty, while low-quality advertising will cause a backlash, making you doubt the benefits of your product. For POSM, the following are important:

  • carefully planned presentation of information that causes only positive emotions in relation to the brand and product;
  • encouragement to make a purchase by highlighting the benefits and benefits of the product;
  • non-standard bright design that attracts attention;
  • placement in several shopping areas, which will not let a potential buyer forget about your offer.

POS materials can be placed in the entrance area, where they can be seen by all store customers. In addition, it is necessary to duplicate information at the place of display, on the trading floor and even in the checkout area.

What affects the cost of manufacturing POS materials

The price of a POS product largely depends on the type of advertising, marketing goal, and strategy. If you have a long-term vision and intend to use materials repeatedly, it makes sense to invest in a higher quality and dense print base and protect the product through lamination, which will prevent its aesthetic appearance from losing its aesthetic appearance over time. Ordering a large run of POS materials allows us to reduce the cost of manufacturing each unit of promotional products and gives us the opportunity to announce a more attractive price to the client.

The list of services required for you also affects the cost of advertising. In some cases, the client comes with a ready-made, pre-designed layout, which only needs to be printed. If this is not possible, Design-Print Ukraine will definitely help.

Our company has its own designers who will make a layout based on your wishes, suggest ways to reduce the cost of printing advertising, if necessary.

Working with us, you save money due to the absence of the need to move POS materials to the other end of the city for cutting, laminating or other post-print preparation. We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal, which allows us to complete the task on a turnkey basis.

Why it is worth ordering POS materials
from Design-Print Ukraine

The printing house implements a professional approach to the production of advertising POS materials of any complexity. Our services are in demand among business owners in the capital, other regions of Ukraine and abroad due to such features as:

  • implementation of an integrated approach to solving customer problems. Design-Print Ukraine owns a wide range of special production equipment, which makes it possible to produce different types of advertising products;
  • high level of professionalism. Our employees know all the intricacies of the printing business. Therefore, they will help to get out of a difficult or non-standard situation (limited time for the production of promotional products, tight budget);
  • quality equipment. Excellent color reproduction and the ability to print on materials of various types and densities give a large space for the implementation of marketing ideas;
  • independence from contractors. Employees of our company perform all production processes, from creating a design and launching a layout for printing, ending with post-print processing and transfer of finished products to the client. We are responsible for all production processes and do not transfer it to third-party companies;
  • high quality. In our work we use only professional equipment of world famous brands: Komori, Heidelberg, BOBST, Saturn, Xerox, Azura and others. The quality of manufactured products is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. POS materials produced by Design-Print Ukraine go through 5 stages of quality control, so the defect rate is minimized.

The printing house has an office in the center of Kyiv, where it is convenient to get to. The main production facilities of the company are also located here, which allows you to quickly start the order. We assign a personal manager to the client, who provides advice and provides full support at each stage of production. We are ready to get acquainted with your project and realize even the most complex printing tasks.

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