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The product and business must be “dressed” in the best

A lot can change – fashion, art, cities, lifestyles – but the world will never stop meeting people by their clothes. Aroused interest and a positive first impression always motivate a person to come closer to get to know the object better.

And if the appearance matches the content, this first step will be the beginning of a long history together. In the world of product promotion, such an outfit is printed products. She dresses not only the product, wrapping it in exclusive packaging, but also the business itself, which offers a wide range of printed materials for advertising and image formation.

For any company, the production of printed materials is an opportunity to make itself known, tell a story, remind you of your presence, and announce good news. Building such communication is important not only with an external audience (consumers and business partners) to increase sales, but also with an internal one – for team building.

About how to start and constantly warm up the conversation through the production of printed products, the specialists of Design-Print Ukraine know firsthand. The company’s portfolio includes thousands of completed projects and satisfied customers, 95% of whom return with orders for printing products again. All this is due to the extensive experience of working with international and domestic companies, modern printing equipment and the professionalism of employees.

Benefits of producing printed products

Printing products of Design-Print Ukraine find their application in all areas of the food industry, as well as in many other industries: from pharmaceuticals and the beauty industry to the production of souvenirs and gifts. The wide range of use and popularity of printed products is due to a number of important advantages:

  • A wide range of solutions available, from business card printing to boxes and board games.
  • High quality. The production of printed products. Design-Print Ukraine is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Eco-friendly printed products. Degradable paper packaging is a trend demanded not by fashion, but by consumers themselves.
  • Individual design. Printing products are always a personal image that meets the requirements of the brand and the goals of the planned advertising.

In combination, these characteristics make it possible to use printing as an effective tool for promoting any brand.

Types of printing products and their functions

The implementation of any marketing project at its various stages requires the production of printed products. It accompanies the company, performing the assigned information, advertising and image functions. Design-Print Ukraine offers its customers the production of the entire range of necessary printing products:

  1. Souvenir products. Products of this type play an important role in shaping the image of the company. Works immediately with three target audiences: customers, partners and own employees. One of the most unobtrusive ways to increase interest and loyalty to the company. To achieve the set goals, Design-Print Ukraine offers the production of both traditional calendars and postcards, as well as original solutions in the form of magnets, puzzles and board games.
  2. Packaging. An important element of advertising that contributes to the growth of sales. It is the first thing the consumer sees. That is why the success of brand promotion largely depends on the quality of its execution. If the packaging stands out and is informative, the likelihood of a consumer choice in favor of the product framed by it increases significantly. For its customers, Design-Print Ukraine produces the following types of printed products: boxes, bags and folders. By design, they will certainly emphasize the advantages of the product, and by practicality – the care of the manufacturer for the consumer.
  3. Book and magazine production. High-quality printing, containing detailed textual and graphic information about goods and production, is the best tool for effectively securing communication with business partners. These can be catalogs that will help you at exhibitions or negotiations. Or – full-fledged corporate magazines printed for employees or clients. Design-Print Ukraine produces printed products of both types.
  4. POS materials. Advertising bordering on customer care. These are the products of the printing house, which allows you to navigate in the points of sale. An unobtrusive message about a promotion, a pointer to a specific category of goods, a reminder to buy a specific product. For these purposes, business cards, flyers, leaflets, wobblers, price tags and tags, shelf talkers and shelf stoppers, neckers and neck hangers are used. Design-Print Ukraine has a successful experience in printing each of the listed types of POS-materials in large volumes.

Regardless of the difference in the production technologies used, all the listed product categories are united by high quality, which allows them to successfully perform the intended functions. At exhibition, during advertising campaigns, on a counter among other goods – everywhere printing will stand out and please the eye.

Print design

When new textbooks on art history are created decades later, the design and production of printing products should occupy a separate section in them. Choosing a color palette, following the rules for placing images and text, preparing for printing – all this is a whole science. Together with the need to take into account the style of the brand, the specifics of the goods and the psychology of buyers, it requires specialists to create a real artist’s talent when creating a layout.

It is these employees who work at Design-Print Ukraine. When placing an order for printed products, you can be sure that they will definitely consult you and prepare a working advertising design layout. We strive to offer several solutions to the task in order to obtain a product that meets the high standards and customer requirements after printing.

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