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Production of souvenirs is one of the most demanded services of our company. We have extensive experience of cooperation with well-known Ukrainian and foreign brands. Our products are diverse, together with managers you can choose the best solution for your advertising campaign.

We provide the following types of souvenirs:

  • board games. A new, but powerful marketing tool, which, in addition to brand advertising, will become an unobtrusive offer of goods and services of the company. Placing a brand logo on a box or individual elements has a positive effect;
  • puzzles, magnets. This type of souvenir production is the most popular and in demand. It will be an original gift and will provide a lot of pleasant impressions. Moreover, they can become an effective tool for promoting and popularizing the brand;
  • calendars and postcards. Printed products can be an individual order for congratulations to relatives and friends or a souvenir for company employees, partners. Made in corporate colors or using product images, calendars and postcards will be a pleasant and useful present.

Souvenir printing from Design-Print Ukraine is an excellent quality, individual approach and more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Magnets and puzzles: souvenirs
and a powerful marketing tool

The production of souvenirs in the form of magnets and puzzles is perhaps the most developed business area. The benefits of using such products in a marketing campaign have been appreciated by many brands and are actively using them. A magnet is such a familiar item in every home and office that even if there is an advertisement or a company logo on it, it will definitely not annoy.

Use variations for a marketing campaign:

  • adding a small themed magnet to each product package. If there is a character – a symbol of the brand, this is a particular coup. He can “travel” to different countries, ride transport or have fun in other ways;
  • adding a puzzle piece to the product package. This stimulates the purchase of new and new products. Again, the move is designed for children, so very often this technique is used in yogurts, sweets and other products that kids love;
  • a prize in the form of a magnet for a certain purchase amount or as one of the incentive prizes for participating in a particular promotion. Moreover, it can be either a program of a specific brand or, for example, a chain of stores and supermarkets. The possibilities of creating and branding such souvenirs are unlimited.

Our printing house offers large print circulations of magnets and puzzles for brands that want to run effective advertising campaigns and compliment their customers.

In addition to being used for marketing purposes, such custom-made souvenirs can be used for other occasions. For example, as prizes at corporate parties, in this case, the magnet is intended for company employees and partners. 

Other options:

  • bachelorette party – they order sarcastic pictures or inscriptions that can collect whole phrases on a magnetic board, such a puzzle for adults;
  • banquet, wedding. Each guest can be given a magnet with the name of the event, date, photo of the newlyweds;
  • exhibition, festival. Souvenirs in the form of magnets with the symbols of the city, event or other relevant images. Such products are inexpensive, so they are bought up with pleasure;
  • prom. This unique gift will become a very vivid memory for both children and adults.

We produce magnets individually according to your requirements and wishes, for any event or simply if you want to decorate something around with the help of such a souvenir.

Board games as a souvenir and not only

Board games are loved by kids and adults alike, and using them to build brand loyalty works really well. We are engaged not only in printing, but also in the development of a unique game scenario specifically for your needs. 

Depending on the budget and the desired effect, it will be possible to choose the best option for the needs of the client. 

We can make these types of games:

  • thematic constructor. The most complex and large-scale in execution, require time to work out the plot, create characters. Such a game can be a prize for participating in a promotion, purchasing goods or using services for a certain amount;
  • themed toys. Most often, companies choose to congratulate their customers on holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Easter and other widespread holidays that are celebrated in almost every family. Variations of games – three-dimensional figurines made of cardboard, cardboard Christmas toys, stories with the participation of characters associated with the brand. Distributing such gifts on the eve of the holiday can increase loyalty to the company;
  • Toys that are unbranded but contain a logo. It can be different cars, little animals and similar universal characters. Similar ones are used in the course of an advertising campaign, regardless of the season, or, for example, as a bonus for each customer on the anniversary of the company, etc.

The use of souvenir games can increase the average purchase price. Offering such a gift for a certain amount (200-300 hryvnia or more), for example, for a symbolic 1 hryvnia, you can play on the eternal “I want” the children’s audience. In this case, parents would rather get some goods than listen to the hysteria of the child in the store.

Among the features of creating the game are the use of color printing and careful study of every detail, which significantly improves the appearance of the finished product.

How to make calendars and postcards
an effective advertising tool

Calendars and postcards, despite the fact that today their digital counterparts are actively developed, remain in demand. The opportunity to give such a simple and inexpensive souvenir that you can hold in your hands and use for its intended purpose is very much appreciated.

Corporate calendars are often ordered because they reflect the philosophy and values ​​of the company. The presentation of such a souvenir will become an instrument of unobtrusive advertising and will strengthen business ties. Making souvenir products to order of this particular type has the following advantages:

  • a constant reminder to customers and partners about the company’s products and services;
  • reflection of the brand’s position, philosophy. Moreover, calendars are successfully used for both internal and external communication;
  • targeting – advertising interacts directly with potential customers.

An important advantage is the affordable cost, this is the most budget option for creating a corporate souvenir. 

As for postcards, their order is mainly timed to coincide with such holidays as New Year, Christmas, Easter, birthday of the company or employees, other events that need to be noted with an inexpensive souvenir, to say kind words.

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